Friday, August 20, 2010

when you think i´m sunk i will float on and on...

Just a quick check-in...

We moved into our house in Monte Sinai!! It´s absolutely beautiful and we´ve spent some time getting to know neighbors and continuing relationships with the neighbors the past volunteers had met. We´re still getting a few things as we get settled into our house but it´s starting to look more and more like a home. Yesterday we finally got doors on our rooms, something I never really realized was so important to me until I didn´t have them.

I started work at Chicos on Tuesday (after a party on Monday for Don Bosco´s birthday!). So far the kids have been great, I´m still trying to figure out rules, my role, etc. but it´s definitely been a high in my day for the past 3 days. We eat lunch together, then have homework time and recess time. I´ve also gotten to know a few of the older kids that work live or just hang out around there so that has been fun as well.

We don´t have an internet cafe in Mount Sinai (at least not one that works...yet!) so these entries may be less frequent than I had hoped, but I´ll do my best. Next entry I´ll share some funny ecua moments...until then...

paz y amor!

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  1. Happy World Humanitarian Day (yesterday). You inspire me :)